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Away from the Keyboard

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Away from the Keyboard

Coup Likes

Contrary to what you may think, the Coup staff do actually leave the office occasionally, and when we’re out and about we like to keep track of any cool stuff that we can share with you. Here’s a few of our favourite things from the past few months that we want you to know about.

Bloody Caesar

Bloody Caesar at Odyssea Beach Cafe

This was very enjoyable. I ordered a Bloody Caesar (the Bloody Mary’s clammier cousin) on my recent visit to the Odyssea Beach Cafe in City Beach. The vodka cocktail included a clam and tomato juice mix inventively called ‘clamato juice’, a perfect amount of spiciness and lemon zest, and was all topped off with some Maple Syrup Bacon. Equally enjoyable was the view with which I got to enjoy my drink.

Pad Thai

Pad Thai at Wrap and Rice Cottesloe

I’ve had a lot of Pad Thai’s in my time. An argument could be made that I’ve had TOO many Pad Thai’s… but they’re delicious, and I can never bring myself to take a risk on something new when I know I’ve got the safe bet of Pad Thai goodness as an option.

So given that I’m somewhat of an expert, you can take me on my word when I say that Wrap and Rice in Cottesloe has the best Pad Thai in Perth. Always served by friendly staff, it’s got that perfect balance of ingredients and flavours that makes for a great Thai Noodle dish. If you’re ever in the area, or want to put my claim to the test then give it a chance and check Wrap and Rice out. 

Bose Soundsport

BOSE SoundSport Wireless Earphones from Audiohub

Festive season over, time to remove the festive tum tum, time to start exercising, time to accesorise. I needed the motivation to get back into the routine and through a bit of deliberation, the conclusion was to get a new set of headphones. AudioHUB in Subiaco hooked me up with a pair of BOSE’s wireless Soundsport earphones and definitely lived up to my expectations. No more wires. I was sick of having my earphones ripped out of my ears at every jolt so now the headphones will stay exactly where they need to be, in my ears.

Making the jump to wireless earphones made sense and it makes even more sense for listening to music and exercising. If you want to jump on the wireless bandwagon then cruise down to AudioHUB Subiaco or check out their website to pick yourself up a pair.


Old Man Logan

Wolverine: Old Man Logan

March 2017 will see the release of Logan, Hugh Jackman’s final outing as everyone’s favourite clawed, invincible superhero, Wolverine. We’re big comic book fans at Coup, and our fandom has a special place for Wolverine. So, in preparation for Logan we decided to buy the comic that the film was based on, similarly called Old Man Logan.

The post-apocalyptic storyline imagines Wolverine as one of the last heroes left in a world where the villains have taken control and most of the USA is a wasteland. This comic is intense, the writing has a dark tone but can still be sharp and witty when it needs to, and the art is beautifully drawn. The movie is only loosely based on the comic so it’s definitely worth checking out the original before you see Logan later this year. Pick a copy up here.

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