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Care for your website

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Care for your website

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Ok, so you’ve built your website, you’ve put in a big effort on the design and functionality, and now you’ve launched it. Take a second to pat yourself on the back because you deserve it. Getting a site online can be an enormous amount of work and getting there is a relief, but the work isn’t over yet. It’s super important that you now look after what you’ve built, now you have to care for your website. The internet is a big place full of some things we understand and some things that are so new that there is no real handbook on them. By following these steps, you’ll be able to maintain your site and not get blindsided by new innovations, so your site is always in tip top shape.


1. Realise that you need to get noticed
Theres’s no use in having a website if people can’t find you. It’s important to understand how to get that initial traffic, and then to also understand where they came from, why they came there, and why they behave the way they do once they’re on your website. You can use this info to develop a strategy to target the kinds of people that you want to be on your site with marketing material. The following steps will cover ways you can do this.

2. Get into bed with Google
The most powerful tool you can use when it comes to promoting your website is understanding what Google can do for you. Google has a giant range of powerful tools that will help you manage your website. Google Analytics, Google Adwords, Google Reviews, and Google My Business are the three most important software tools that Google offers, we recommend setting up a Google account and connecting your website to these programs as early as possible.

3a. Get reviews
One of the most powerful tools you can use for Google optimisation if Google reviews, so keep this in mind when looking after your website. Word of mouth is important for any new business, people don’t have a lot of experience with your brand so they will look to the reviews of others who have. Try and offer incentives for customers to review you to get that initial foundation of commentary started.

3b. Understand the basics of SEO
SEO is all about preparing your site for search engines. By using Coup to build your website, you should feel confident that it’s been built with at least some integrated SEO, but the world of SEO is enormous and complex so it’s important that you have at least some understanding of the basics. So give yourself a crash course, or ask us for advice in certain areas

4. Get onto Adwords
By now if we have already built your website and launched it, there is a huge chance we have articulated the absolute importance of Adwords. If you don’t have it, you should and if you do have it, then you can use it better. Knowing your goals and budget is the first and most critical step in managing an effective Adwords campaign, so sit down and have a think about what you need for your company and what you are able to invest to get there.

5. Know your content management system
If we have launched your website, it means that throughout this process we have identified a Content Management System (CMS) for you. You’ve got to know the capabilities of your CMS so you can learn and grow with it until managing your site for small changes becomes second nature.

6. Build your content
Build your content! It’s not hard, just try and add something new when ever you can, and watch your website grow. Don’t let your blog or feed grow out of date and become stale or it will stand out to new visitors to your site.

7. What no analytics?
Is your site connected to Google Analytics? Well it should be, this is the best tool for understanding what is happening on your website, where people are coming from, what they’re doing, and why they’re there. We love this sort of thing and you should to. Stats are the key to a successful digital marketing campaign as it is quantifiable and measurable. If you haven’t been connected to Google Analytics already, ask us how.

8. Remind your customers to go check your website
The basics of great digital marketing are based on database management. You’ve likely got a list of past and current customers who can always be reminded about your website and the great content they will find there. If you keep your site updated then it will be a positive benefit for them to go back and check it out. Sending regular email campaigns to old and current customers is the best way to keep them in the loop.

9. Make sure you keep everything up to date (maintenance) 
One of the worst things you can have is a site that is down for a period of time. The last thing your potential customers want to see its a blank page or a suspended page. We offer comprehensive packages to ensure that your baby stays online all the time.  

10. Don’t be afraid to ask us for advice, that’s what we’re here for!
The web is big and wonderful and the possibilities of what you can do are endless. If you don’t understand something ask us, we are here to help


Care for what you have built. Look after it. Websites aren’t cheap nor should they be so look after what you have built and you will sleep better.

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