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Guy is our boy

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Guy is our boy

GE Design Guy Eddington Donny Stool

Introducing the Donny Stool

We’ve just launched the new website of local WA designer, Guy Eddington. So we thought it would be a great chance to fill you in on who Guy is, and to show you his beautiful new stools. Check out these snaps of the ‘Donny Stool’ taken at Someday Coffee Co, and If you like the look of them, then read on to find out where to pick one up.


Who is Guy Eddington?

Guy Eddington is an Australian designer with a passion for functional furniture that just works. Guy developed his craft working amongst the stable of young designers at Midland Atelier just outside of Perth, Western Australia, where he was part of major commissions for a number of large organisations, in addition to delivering other bespoke pieces.

While honing his craft at Midland Atelier, Guy developed his own practice and added to his collection of products, earning features in Artichoke and lnsite Magazines, in addition to awards for furniture design at the Design Institute of Australia (WA) Awards and at the Furnishing Industry of Australia Awards. Guy studied industrial design in Perth, Western Australia and has a keen interest in the development and growth of the local design industry.


What’s so cool about these stools?

We love Guy’s work. His stools are minimalist, contemporary, and unique pieces that mesh traditional mid-century forms with modern industrial processes… Or in other words, they’re pretty damn cool.

You get to choose from a bunch of different colours, and they even have a handle on the top so they’re easy to carry around. How good is that! But seriously, Guy is truly great at what he does and his skill really shows in the final product. If you’re looking for a snazzy, timeless piece of furniture to brighten up your home or workplace then contact Guy.


So do you want one now?

Guy’s new website just launched. Here you will find his stools as well as his other home furniture products available for purchase. You can also contact Guy personally to buy a product or organise a commission.


Click this to buy one of these guys. GE Design


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