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From the Kitchen to Your Door With UberEats

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From the Kitchen to Your Door With UberEats

So if you’ve been out of the loop for the last few months, you may not have heard of the new culinary/vehicular phenomenon that is UberEats. UberEats uses a similar app platform to their existing Uber ride share service to enable their drivers to pick up your lunches, brunches, breakfasts and dinners from a great selection of local venues and deliver them straight to your door. Yep, that’s right, you no longer have any reason to leave house, are you as stoked by that prospect as I am? The venues that participate in the service are generally restaurants who don’t offer a delivery service. This is UberEats point of difference, it opens up a huge variety of meal delivery options that weren’t available before. Now you can have restaurant quality food without all the hassle that comes with going out to get it.

The core service that UberEats provides is undeniably great. The app is user friendly and the presentation of the food in the menu photos is so artistically delicious looking that you’ll want to order everything! And there’s nothing stopping you from doing just that… Delivery is also reasonably prompt and you can track the progress of your foodstuff on your phone just like with an Uber ride share. Unfortunately, the service is only available to the lucky souls who live inside their set delivery zone, which will hopefully be expanded in the future to incorporate my house on Cambridge st (see fig 1). Please Uber. Help me out.


Fig. 1

What makes the UberEats service so great, is the amount of new food options that it opens up. When I first downloaded the app I discovered restaurants I had never heard of and was able to have something delicious on its way to work with a couple of clicks. The payment system is quick and simple as it works through your Uber account, and if you don’t have an Uber account, it’s a cinch to set one up.

The restaurant options are relative to your current location, but here are some of the Coup team’s favourites from our office in Subiaco:

Varisty Burgers Hungry yet?

Old Faithful  Home delivered meat snacks

Aikuma Sushi Home delivered sushi? Where do I sign up

Gusto Gelato Ice-cream delivered is now a thing as well? Yes, yes it is

Get out there and give it a shot! we don’t believe you will regret it.

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