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Who is Lachlan Horn?

Lachlan Horn

Lachlan Horn

This is Lachlan Horn

Lachlan is the founding member and principal of Coup who is responsible for all operations within the business. Lachlan studied marketing and communications with a major in advertising at Edith Cowan University. This course allowed Lachlan to explore and excel in marketing, multimedia, graphic design and script writing, identifying along the way the specific areas in which Coup would specialise later on. After graduating from Edith Cowan University, Lachlan further enhanced his study through Account Management and Graphic Design. This wide range of academic study provided Lachlan with the perfect springboard into the Advertising industry and equipped him with a deep understanding of consumer behaviour, design aesthetics and project management.

Following his study, Lachlan started working at successful agency where he worked as a graphic designer and creative in an effective team for 4 years. Lachlan worked on creative accounts with clients across a vast array of industries, building his skillset and developing expertise in a number of areas.

Through working within traditional advertising firms, Lachlan identified the need for a more digital focussed model. Now days, after over a decade of experience in running Coup, Lachlan has worked with an extensive list of clients ranging from medical practices, retailers, law firms, property development firms, accountants, finance firms and hospitality businesses. The experience accrued through years working within this wide range of industries has provided Lachlan with an comprehensive understanding of business operations, business strategy and business management. Lachlan has continued to strengthen his skills by completing training within Google, leading to Coup being recognised as a Google Partner. This certification training has provided Lachlan with extensive expertise and knowledge in Google business tools.



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