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Launching your website

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Launching your website

Launching Your Website

One of the most important parts of the website development process is the launch. Whether you are launching with a large PR campaign or sending out an email to your friends and family, how large you want to go with it is up to you. We have constructed a 10 point plan for you to be primed for the big moment. In this document we will be refreshing you on the fundamentals of the web, as well as marketing and caring for your website.

1. Know your content management system (CMS)

Your content management system log in is only a couple of clicks away. We create websites in a CMS framework that allows you to make changes, add pages or swap images whenever you want. Treat your site as a work in progress and remember that even after we’ve gone live, you can still alter your site whenever you want.

2. Understand SEO more
Start by having a Google. Check to see what it’s all about. Or if you’re feeling a bit lazy, don’t worry; we have a simple point form version of it here – What is SEO?

3. Getting to know the cloud
If you don’t use the cloud (specifically Google Drive) you are probably missing out. Affiliate programs such as Google Docs, Google Spreadsheets and Google Slides have changed the game. We live in the cloud, so ask us about how we can get you set up as soon as possible.

4. Build your content
Ok, we are close to launching, so there’s a good chance that we’ve already built your content, but it’s important to know that great content is at the heart of great SEO. You know your business better than anyone, so write about it. Don’t be scared.

5. Prepare your customer base for email marketing
The idea of a launch is based around sending the site to your channels, whether it be through social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) or through sending emails to your database. Don’t have a database? You actually probably do, you just haven’t put all your contacts together yet. Start by going through your emails and picking out friends, family, contractors or any other contacts you think would be good to send your material to. Start building this list for a launch email. Launch date is approaching!

6. Secure and back up your content
After we’ve built your website it’s important that we take steps to secure and protect your content. We can get this done through our hosting packages, so get in contact with us to get the process started.

7. Let people know about you
A tried and true way of getting the word out about your brand and website is with a press release. You can also employ the services of social media influencers, paid social media marketing, traditional PR and advertising, and much more.

8. Care for your site
Your site is nearly ready so its important that your remember to monitor it. What does this mean? Well, remember that your website is online, so make sure you check that its running and functioning correctly.

9. Prepare your social networks
If you haven’t done it already, it’s time to register your social networks. Even if you aren’t going to use them, it’s important to register your Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts (all of these plus more depending on your business), because it’s better to register now and be safe rather than down the track when the name might be taken.

10. Its time – Launch with an email campaign
Your search rating is all based on traffic. If there’s no one going to your site to begin with, then how will people find it on Google? The best way to start is by sending the site to a list of emails (your database, see point 5) it doesn’t have to be much but make sure you send them something. Mailchimp

This is the moment that we’ve been working towards, and you’re about to see the result of all the work that’s gone into building your site. Now’s the time to strap in, get excited, and watch your business come to life and soar to new heights!

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