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Making Moves with The Smooth Movers

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Making Moves with The Smooth Movers

The Smooth Movers Truck

Who are The Smooth Movers?

The Smooth Movers are the most progressive and best reviewed Perth removalists. Don’t believe me? You can confirm that yourself with a quick Google search. These guys have been making moves around the Perth area for 8 years and counting. In fact, you’ve probably seen the big yellow trucks with the pineapple driving around, you can’t miss them. Their mix of professionalism and an easy going attitude have lead to a bunch of satisfied customers and a slew of glowing reviews.


Why do we care?

The Smooth Movers are one of our oldest and best clients. We’ve worked with these guys to build their entire brand, from The Smooth Movers logo to their signage, truck design, sales brochures and website. They’ve been a pleasure to work with and we’re extremely proud of what we’ve been able to achieve with them. Recently we set them up with one our comprehensive Game Plan packages that covers everything from brand identity and signage to digital marketing with Adwords and Mailchimp. Being able to see friends of ours grow as a business has been amazing and working with them to reach the next level is what gets us up in the morning.


What makes these guys such a smooth operation?

The Smooth Mover’s manage to balance a fun, easy going vibe, with hard working professionalism. They’ve been working hard over the past few years to grow their name and earn the praise of their clientele. These days its tough to drive around Perth without catching a glimpse of one of their unmistakable big yellow trucks. Things can only go up from here for The Smooth Movers and we’re stoked to be able to be a part of it.


How do you get in touch?

If you want to speak to someone at The Smooth Movers for more information or for a quote then hit the link below. In sticking with the Christmas spirit we’ve got a special deal that we can hook you up with. Include the code ‘smoothchristmas’ when you email The Smooth Movers for a 5% discount on your next move.


Click this to get in touch. The Smooth Movers


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