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We provide Game Plans for any budget, these Game plans consist of a strategic mix of the following services.

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Brand Identity, Design & Creative

No-one wants to look like the next guy in this game, this is why we hold Brand Identity, Design & Creative in such high regard. We choose high end web templates and then meticulously alter them to fit your brand like a glove. Research is a large part of how we approach each project, this is why we gain inspiration from market leaders to ensure you are on the right path the first time. Being creative can be as simple as layering a few graphics over your images or commissioning an illustrator to provide full page landscapes . Our studio provides all services, from logos, to page redesign, to animation, to video.
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Web Development

There really is no job too big or too small for the team at Coup. We can develop your website from scratch or come in at the 11th hour to get something altered overnight. We see websites as the focal point of every marketing strategy so it's important for the website to be created with a system that is easy to manage and also easy to develop. We believe that the most important part of web development is knowing what's available and knowing what's the perfect fit. We create our websites with the most suitable and modern content management systems (CMS) available. It's our job to advise you on the right platform for your business, whether it be WordPress, Shopify, WIX or a custom system. Every website we develop is responsive, this means it is compatible on mobile, tablet and your desktop computer. A website can be as simple as a one page site or as elaborate as an online forum. We approach every project with simple project management fundamentals to ensure you get what you want in the right timeframe. We have the right web developers for every job, no job is too big or too small, from text changes to optimum user experience, Coup studio has it going on.
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Digital Advertising + Adwords

The role of Digital Advertising and Adwords doesn’t stop at allowing people to be able to find you easily and efficiently, it is and can be much more exciting. What is possible in Digital Advertising right now is truly unbelievable, the ways that we can target your business creatively and strategically now as opposed to years and even months ago is mind boggling. This is where our passion lies, it’s our job to keep our finger on the pulse as to what is available and possible. Through digital advertising and Adwords strategies, we can target the exact market for your business. At Coup, this is what really gets us going, we are passionate about digital advertising and it’s role in the success of online commerce. Our passion for this service translates to extensive knowledge and expertise for the techniques and processes involved, and we are dedicated to not only applying these skills for you, but also to passing on this knowledge and educating you along the way.

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You may hear the term SEO being thrown around a lot these days, it stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is essentially getting you ready for Google (or other search engines), allowing your website to be easy to find. This is the basis for SEO, but just the tip of the iceberg. The amount you choose to optimise is up to you. What we do know, is that it’s important for you to understand what SEO is and how it’s done. Here is a little bit more information What is SEO?

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Content Strategy

Content is a broad term that refers to all of the copy (text), images, and graphics on your website. Content is important, it forms the foundation of your businesses online digital presence and it is the way that you connect with your audience. You can use your content to let your personality shine through and let people know who it is you are, what you stand for, and why your business is better than the competition. Content also plays a key role in SEO, allowing you to reach higher ranks on Google searches through careful planning and strategy. This is where we come in. We provide valuable Content Strategy services that will help you reach your online goals and objectives using innovative techniques. Whether you are looking to create interesting and memorable content, become an online resource on a particular subject, or just want to build content that can be optimised with keywords, we provide full packages to facilitate.
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Hosting, Email & IT

We know your data is the most important part of your business, which is why we supply reliable Australian servers and practical IT support. We provide fast hosting solutions so your website runs the way it should. Our hosting packages come with the capability to create your own email addresses, as well as auto-responders, spam protection and many other extras. We also offer a tonne of IT services and support that cover Google drive, web servers, email and web security, and database management. We want you to feel confident that your important information is locked down and that you can get the IT support that you need, when you need it.


When someone is looking for your business, you want them to be able to find you fast. This is where Adwords comes in. We offer both simple and complex Adwords strategies that can be individually tailored to suit your business.

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You know that thing where you keep online seeing ads for those sunglasses you were looking at? It’s like they’re following you across the internet. That’s called remarketing. It’s a nifty new way to promote yourself or your products and has a high rate of success. To find out more ask us about our remarketing strategies.

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Mailchimp is a powerful tool and is one of the most useful step in our Digital Game Plans. Get in contact with us to find out what Mailchimp can do for you.

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