Join a growing team in a progressive industry

If you have that eye for design, we need you.

We are looking for young at heart marketing all-rounders who have an eye for design and a passion for business and entrepreneurship. 

Does this sound like you?

If you have a passion for building business, you should fit in here.

We like to grow things.

Job Role and Expectations 

Looking for a gateway into the marketing and advertising industry? Your role will have comprehensive training so you wont feel as if you have just landed on a beach on d-day in a marketing agency.


Welcomed skills

The successful applicant will be able to demonstrate the following:

  • A passion for business and marketing

  • Excellent communication skills

  • A good eye and passion for design

  • A good understanding of symbolism and consumer behaviour

  • A passion for innovation and technology

  • Experience using Wix, google applications (Google Docs/Slides), familiar with adobe suit applications not mandatory but useful. 

Is this really you?


Do you have what
it takes?

Follow these simple instructions 

How to submit your application and what we need from you:


AND (This is compulsory for all applicants)
A one page Wix website for a fake (or made up) brand of your choice displaying your understanding of marketing, your eye for design and your understanding of technology and branding.

It can be any type of brand such as fashion, technology, mining, sports or design. Your brand ideas are yours entirely and something that you can hopefully be proud of.

See this mini project as something fun and creative rather than just ticking the boxes. Every idea is welcomed and there is no such thing as an idea “too crazy”. We look forward to every aspect of design that you may incorporate and it is something to always show in your portfolio. 


The right applicant will find this fun. Whether your submission is just ok, great or awesome we guarantee to send you feedback and support.


Submit your application


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Upload Resume
Upload supported file (Max 15MB)

Want some cheat notes? Yes


A few little pointers for you. Cheat away

What if I don't have a Wix account

You will need to create your own free account

How do I decide which kind of brand to base my website on?

Whatever feels comfortable. We are looking at how you market the brand rather than the industry you choose. Pro Tip: Check the template section of Wix for inspiration

What if I want to spend more than 5 hours on the site?

Go for it but try not to go too overboard. We actively strive to give back to our industry and support local so regardless of how many hours you spend on the site, its only fair for us to send you back constructive feedback.

Can you show me an example of work?

See some of our websites below as a guide - - - - - - - Hint: We work with mining clients

We will be in touch.

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