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Established in 1994, Westlink Logistics is a family-owned global company that provides turnkey logistics for an exclusive portfolio of companies that includes BHP, Monadelphous and Yarra. With offices and staff employed throughout all of Australia and Asia, Westlink provides marine, land and air logistic solutions for mining, energy, rail, infrastructure and defence industries.


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"The most comprehensive website we've ever created."

Nearly 5 years ago, Westlink Logistics came to Coup Studio with the goal of creating an all-encompassing website that was able to provide relevant insights into the Westlink brand and the various logistic fulfilment services they provide, whilst also doubling as a compelling sales pitch to potential clients.


  • Increased website traffic by 300% through a mixture of new site pages, LinkedIn campaigns, and the creation of Westlink’s Youtube channel.

Westlink Logistics’ current website is the most comprehensive site we’ve created to date. With hundreds of tailor-made pages that showcase everything from Westlink’s humble beginnings, to time-lapses of their latest logistics operations in action, the website has provided a massive return on investment, and has allowed Westlink to present themselves as the clear #1 choice when it comes to providing turnkey logistic solutions.

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