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Terms & Conditions

If you spot our logo, it means a few things

What does our logo mean?

Every single project we do is an exclusive, full service package that we provide. Every one of our clients is carefully selected and meets a strict set of criteria. This criteria includes but is not limited to marketability, culture, market capitalisation and approach to ESG.

The exclusivity of Coup 

Wherever you spot our logo on a website or application it means that it has been merticulously designed and managed by us. Our brands are carefully collated and aesthetics/technology have been thoroughly researched to ensure maximum impact and marketability.

It's a part of the Coup Network

Every one of our websites is an integral part of the Coup Network. The Coup Network is a conglomerate of websites which collate data for Market Intelligence and news flow. All subscriptions to Coup websites are connected through BIRD Investor Relations. Terms & Conditions

Watch it evolve

We use Market Intelligence to ensure Coup websites evolve with technology. Our sites are constantly improved to ensure they are up-to-date with current global and local trends. 

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