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Level up your ASX News Flow

Level Up ASX Announcements


Level 1 - The Igniter

Light up your ASX Announcements 
The basic News Flow Package for all price sensitive announcements.

  • Blog Post (News)

  • Mailchimp (Email)

  • Twitter (Social)

  • Proofing

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  • Twitter
  • Instagram


Level 2 - The Quarter Pounder

Like a big mac but juicier
Extend the effect and potential engagement of your announcements. This package focuses on important price sensitive announcements that can have a greater impact on the share price. We recommend this package once per quarter.

  • Basic News Flow Package plus Boost

    • Blog, Email, Social, Proofing

    • 1 week marketing campaign 

      • Google Remarketing to website visitors


Level 3 - Going Nuclear

Your big announcement will create shockwaves
Important company defining announcements i.e. Trading Halts, Acquisitions, Large resource finds etc. will be created into a marketing campaign across multiple online mediums. We recommend using this package 1 - 2 times per year.

  • Full Featured Digital Marketing Campaign

    • Blog, Email, Social, Proofing

    • Video Production and interview of managing director

      • Filiming, editing and publishing of video across social channels​

    • Intensive 2 week marketing campaign

      • High Frequency Google Remarketing to website visitors

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