The Contemporary Vision of Law

We assisted in a major rebrand for the prestigious law firm Palisade Corporate. Formerly known as Price Sierakowski Corporate, we developed the name Palisade, to reflect the history and evolution of the company, whilst maintaining a symbolic link between the old and the new.


Our Partnership

"The timing was right to rebrand and invigorate the business to grow substantially alongside our clients in this next exciting chapter.”

Adam Sierakowski



A new look, but carrying the same core foundations and services.

Through an in depth brand analysis and multistage brand concept development, we developed the name Palisade Corporate. The word “Palisade” refers to a fortified mountain range and ties in with the symbolism of the mountain that represents the legacy of the Sierakowski name. Palisade Corporate connects the Sierakowski name with the symbolic mountain meaning “Sierra” in Latin, leaving emphasis on strong culture, contemporary values and innovative business practices.

We further evolved the Palisade brand by installing an interactive reception kiosk as a first point of contact for visitors in the office. Bringing new technology into the corporate law world allowed us to further elevate Palisade's new-age identity and boost client experience to a new level.