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December 2021 Quarterly Activities Report


Outstanding new results received from recent diamond drilling targeting the primary zone at the Cummins Range Rare Earths Project including,

- CDX0002 – 11.3m at 2.4% TREO with 0.4% NdPr and 0.2% Nb2O5 including 3.1m at 7% TREO with 1.1% NdPr

-CDX0003 – 23.9m at 2.5% TREO with 0.5% NdPr and 0.3% Nb2O5 including 2.3m at 7.3% TREO with 1.7% NdPr and 0.6% Nb2O5

-CDX0004 - 102.97m at 1.6% TREO with 0.3% NdPr and 0.4% Nb2O5 including 46.97m at 2% TREO with 0.4% NdPr and 0.5% Nb2O5 and including 9m at 2.3% TREO with 0.5% NdPr and 1% Nb2O5

-CDX007 - 34.6m at 1.3% TREO and 0.4% Nb2O5, including 3.6m at 2.5% TREO and 0.7% Nb2O5 within an overall zone of 61.4m at 1% TREO and 0.3% Nb2O5

-CDX0011 - 21.9m at 3.1% TREO with 0.6% NdPr and 0.2% Nb2O5 including 3m at 10.6% TREO with 1.8% NdPr

  • Deeper hole, CDX0016, has intersected multiple stacked lenses, all with massive to disseminated rare earths as monazite

  • Results validate the huge potential of the primary zone at Cummins Range and the opportunity for significant resource growth

  • Further evidence of large, mineralised porphyry system at Trundle Project NSW being drillied by Kincora Copper Limited (REE - 35% Free Carried)

  • Cash and Investments of $5m.

  • Successful spin-out of non-core assets to Cosmos Exploration Limited (ASX: C1X)


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