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Phosphate Testwork Confirms Potential to Produce Direct-Application Fertilisers

Results indicate exceptionally high phosphate bioavailability, highlighting the opportunity to produce organic fertilisers for agricultural applications

Australian sustainable rare earths company RareX Limited (ASX: REE – RareX or the Company) is pleased to advise that recent testwork on samples from the Cummins Range Rare Earths & Phosphate Project in WA has confirmed the potential to produce phosphate Direct Shipping Ore (DSO) and phosphate mineral concentrate, with both products showing strong potential as direct-application agricultural fertiliser. Results from initial phosphorous bioavailability tests on DSO and phosphate mineral concentrate – both of which are anticipated co-products with rare earths from Cummins Range – show the material possesses very high bioavailability, that is two-to-five times better than what has been classified as high-bioavailable rock phosphate by industry standard.

This unlocks a variety of development scenarios for the Cummins Range Project, including:

  • A DSO product could be produced initially, meaning very low levels of processing and capital would be required to develop a readily saleable and marketable phosphate product line that is in demand in the fertiliser trade.

  • A premium-grade phosphate concentrate product could also be produced from the Cummins Range deposit for direct-application fertiliser. Previous testwork has already demonstrated a simple beneficiation flowsheet and low reagent consumptions1, suggesting low capital and operating costs. In addition, the beneficiation circuit for phosphate concentrate production could be integrated as part of the rare earth beneficiation process in the longer-term, supporting enhanced project development.

Direct-application fertilisers are classified as organic as they do not require chemical reaction with sulphuric acid to make the phosphate derivative products. In addition, they often have favourable properties for plants’ uptake. Direct-application phosphates, where the natural mineral form remains unadulterated, can be produced at a discount while also trading at a premium to processed phosphates.


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