Why can't I find my website on Google?

Say a friend of yours has just launched a website for their business, so you decide to look them up on Google. You type in their company’s name, and maybe even the city or state that they operate in, but their site doesn’t turn up in your search. Why? If you give Google this relatively specific information then surely it should return with your friends website. Well, it turns out the reason this happens is actually pretty simple once you have an understanding of How Google Really Works. In this article we’ll give you a simple summary of the main causes of a case of missing website.

New Kid on the Block

A new website is kind of like the new kid at Google High. Nobody knows they are. Nobody knows what they’re all about. And they’re going to be sitting by themselves at lunch for a while unless they get their name out there.

If a website is new then it’s going to take some time for it to be noticed on the Internet. In time, as traffic to the site increases, Google will start to take more notice of the website and will raise its position on a Google search. Besides just waiting, a website can also get noticed by employing Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) tactics.


If you’re thinking about starting up a new business you have to assess the market first. For example, getting into the fast food market is going to be risky with so many giant corporations dominating it. Instead, a more assured strategy would be to find a niche with low competition.

On the Internet the same logic can be applied to words. When people search for things online they search using keywords and keyphrases. Keywords like property, electronics, or restaurant all have extremely high competition and a website that focuses on using them isn’t going to stand out, and won’t rank highly in a Google search.

The basic principle of Search Engine Optimisation (LINK) is to find keywords that are low in competition but have a high chance of leading someone to the website. Sprinkling these keywords through a site, often including the sites domain name or even the name of the company, is a sure fire way of improving online visibility.

Starter Pack

At Coup we offer a comprehensive SEO starter pack that will provide a website with everything it needs to increase its online presence and visibility. By taking steps such as submitting a sitemap to Google, divising an SEO strategy, employing Google analytics, and creating a Google+ account.

This pack is a great introduction to the world of SEO, which can often seem daunting and complex. If you are thinking of launching a new website or already have one that is underperforming on a Google search then contact us to have a chat.

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