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In July 2022, we were engaged to produce an Investor Video for Bellevue Gold. We enhanced our partnership by creating a dynamic and contemporary brand-focused visual experience. By firstly developing a visual storyboard, we then enhanced the Bellevue visual library through visiting the Bellevue mine site to collect drone, Go-Pro and gimbal footage.  We produced a snapshot of the Bellevue Gold story through modern visual techniques. The video was officially launched at Diggers & Dealers conference and was assisted by Bellevue's Investor Presentation.

Bellevue Gold discovered an exceptionally high-grade gold system in the world-class Goldfields mining district of Western Australia. The discovery hole in late 2017, made it one of the highest-grade and fastest-growing gold projects in Australia. Now Bellevue Gold looks forward advancing  from development into gold production.


Our Partnership

Golden opportunity to assist

Our most recent Investor Video Strategy package included art direction, photoshoot planning, site visits, sound direction and comprehensive editing.  Our co-lab with Aeroture allowed us to produce an exceptional final product.

We were given a great opportunity to work with Bellevue while they transition from an exploration company into development. With the Bellevue brand being such a respected entity, it was important for us to pay respect to the great reputation it has built over its lifecycle. Our research-based approach began with a workshop to get to the brand we are ecstatic to launch.

From these initial workshops, we learnt about Bellevue Gold's rich history, core values and management style. We worked with the corporate team with a symbolism focus to analyse the various aspects of the brand. The symbol of the gold bars act as the manifestation of the gold being extracted from the ground into the stage of mining development. The four bars represent the 4 core values of Bellevue Gold.

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