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A fresh guiding light towards production in the form of FireFly Metals

With the acquisition of the Green Bay Copper-Gold Project in Newfoundland Canada and the movement into production, the company is entering into a new phase in its journey.


To reflect this evolution and the importance of copper in the future clean energy movement, the brand identity should reflect the positive downstream benefits of copper (Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energy).


Our Partnership

 The FireFly symbolises light, and this light will act as a  guide for future energy transition and  the company’s transition from exploration to production.

The Coup Process
Mining exploration rebrand specialists Coup, applied a structured approach to the creation of the Brand, looking at visuals from all aspects and building context around the meaning of the FireFly, the transformation of the company and its future trajectory.


The Solution
The Team at FireFly & Coup arrived at a contemporary and forward-facing brand, with a visual identity aiming to bring the company and commodity into the future energy transition frame. The colour palette of yellow is used to signify optimism, retail, energy. The sun yellow shapes portray positivity, clear thinking, confidence and success.


What we say about it

“Historically, branding copper companies has been conservative; FireFly Metals breaks the mould. The FireFly symbolises light, and this light will act as a  guide for future energy transition and  the company’s transition from exploration to production.”

Lachlan Horn
Managing Director

Consumer Behaviour Consultant

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