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Supercharging the
Gascoyne Rare Earths Region

Kingfisher Mining made a significant high-grade rare earths breakthrough discovery within the emerging Gascoyne rare earths region. With tenements covering 1,676, the company holds projects in the underexplored Ashburton and Gascoyne Mineral Fields.

Inspired by classic and established brand styles, we have elevated the brand identity to encompass a ​futuristic and dynamic aesthetic.


Our Partnership

The key is in respecting where the brand has been previously

Our contemporary approach to the Kingfisher Mining brand evolve started with the internal direction to not ignore where Kingfisher had been previously but to enhance the existing brand for a new audience. 
Starting with an in-depth Brand Analysis, we then evolved the Kingfisher Mining Brand Identity, while retaining the brand's core design element - the wing of a Kingfisher bird. Our Advanced Investor Presentation was created with a minimalist and futuristic concept in mind. Moreover, the new presentation design became the main inspiration behind the website development, which was elevated through the use of interactive web pages and dynamic graphics. With our new partnership with Kingfisher Mining through our Visual Investor Relations package, we have ensured Kingfisher Mining peacocks with its new modern aesthetic.

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