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Extending content to reach industry socials

Twitter Module

Once we have implemented your news flow on your website, we look to develop your social presence. After a deep analysis , we build your brand language and communicate to your targeted audience. Our performance based marketing strategies are built toward generating 
user engagement. 

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  • Twitter
  • Instagram

Video (and graphics) killed the radio star

Having engaging graphics and video are essential to keep your investors or potential investors engaged. The created content will mainly be extracted from client approved, industry relevant news websites.

How deep is your brand?

We conduct an in-depth brand analysis so we can understand and develop a consistent voice and flow of engaging content for your brand.

We find your voice and try and understand it

Coup will conduct an audit of all previous posts to build your brand language. We adapt the copywriting to suit your brand style to where it feels appropriate. Our goal is to speak on behalf of you but we understand this will take time to achieve.

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