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A Future Powered by Lithium

With growing concerns around carbon emissions, the world continues to rapidly shift towards electrified transport. Lithium is one of the key components in electric vehicle (EV) batteries and global supply continues to remain under pressure due to rising demand.

In April 2023, the company announced the transformational acquisition of a controlling stake in the advanced Hidden Lake Lithium Project in Yellowknife, Northern Territories of Canada, formalising a joint venture with Patriot Battery Metals (ASX:PMT, TSXV:PMET. 

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Our Partnership

Investor Snapshot

Life's better with Lithium; a North American Lithium Success story.

An Extensive Analysis and Process

Through the Coup 2-Way audit, we uncovered a plethora of excellent content and elements to work into and work with. Working closely with Adam allowed the Coup team to understand the passion for the industry and commodity and relay this into the visual identity produced.

The Image is Everything

The image curation process was instrumental in the company’s development. The saying "A picture can tell a thousand words" was at the forefront of this process. We curated a "Future is now" direction, showing imagery that was once seen as futuristic is now a reality. Current-day electrification of vehicles, robots and bikes makes the present appear like our imagined future.

Launched new website + Investor Live

Once the analysis and presentation were finalised, it was time to make the fresh new content interactive through integration into the website. Our content transition, combined with our industry-standardised website modularisation and Bird's Investor Live, makes for an educational and informative visual journey.

"It is a pleasure to collaborate with the Coup team, who are not only passionate about the resources industry but also committed to building a uniquely strong brand. Their collaborative efforts have made the process of refining our corporate presentation straightforward, which quickly evolved into the creation of a new website. Investing in our presentation and website has already had a positive impact on our messaging to both our existing and 
potential investors." 

Managing Director
Adam Ritchie

Loyal Lithium Logo (Black + Blue).png
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