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Dive deep into your investors’ behaviour.

Analytics Module

Ever wanted to know who is seeing your announcements/posts and wondered what your investors are observing while on your website? With our new tracing code and custom built Coup Analytics Platform, we can now breakdown the behaviour of your investors and target more effectively.


Analytics package created to complement the Coup ASX Newsflow package. Analytics can also be utilised independently.


Utilise Your Data

Once you have established your News Flow, its important to understand how you are engaging with your audience.  What pages your investors are looking at, how long for etc. We have developed a deep analytics and tracing system that offers full intelligence into the performance of your announcements and posts. Whether you are utilising your share registry, subscriber data or utilising third party data from Investing News Network, this package is the first step to understanding successful engagement.

Get Intelligence on Your Investors

Coup Analytics Module offers an in-depth behavioural analysis of your investors, so you can improve your next campaign. Invest in getting to know your stakeholders on your website and see how it pays off with increased consumer engagement and market exposure.

Our Platforms Learn

Gaining the data is the first step to building AI targeted automations for investor engagement. Setting up automations for your Investor database can be as simple or elaborate as you choose.

Set Goals with Us

With the strength of intelligent data behind your company, we can assist you with setting goals for your investor engagement that are relevant & valuable to your business. Work with us to maximise user engagement and improve your brand outreach.

Our Analytics modules start at $750/Month

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