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More Broad +400m & +200m Rare Earth and Phosphate Intercepts Ahead of Pivotal Cummins Range Resource

Rare earths present in monazite with high NdPr and HREO content, confirming the quality of the Cummins Range deposit.


  • Assay results received for a further 22 drill-holes, with 90% reporting significant rare earth and phosphate mineralisation

  • Ten rare earth and phosphate drill intercepts over 200m wide and two over 400m wide, with key assay results including:

    • 426.9m at 0.4% TREO and 4% P2O5 in hole CDX0038; and

    • 406m at 0.3% TREO and 4% P2O5 in CDX0024

  • High-grade rare earth intercepts of up to 11.5% TREO include:

    • 35m at 1.6% TREO including 16m at 2.4% TREO in hole CDX0037

    • 11m at 2.2% TREO and 18% P2O5 in CDX0034

    • 9.6m at 1.6% TREO and 8% P2O5 including 3.2m at 3.4% TREO in CDX0040

    • 9.8m at 3.3% TREO and 5% P2O5 including 2.2m at 11.5% TREO in CDX0043

    • 10m at 3.6% TREO and 6% P2O5 including 3m at 9.5% TREO in CDX0050

  • Four northernmost drill holes all assaying 5% P2O5 and 0.2% TREO over wide intercepts.

  • Monazite (not apatite) confirmed as the host of rare earths mineralisation in the Phos Dyke, containing highly valuable 44% NdPr and HREO (26% NdPr and 19% HREO)


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