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MW2 and MW7 Continue to Expand on Latest Surface Sample Results


  • Mapping and sampling of high grade Rare Earth Elements (REE) mineralisation continues to expand Mick Well. Results from both MW2 and MW7 have significantly extended the strike, with the mineralisation remaining open in all directions.

  • Sampling at the Kingfisher Prospect has also identified another area of high grade REE mineralisation at the KF3 target, with a surface sample returning 32.16% TREO (Total Rare Earth Oxides) with 5.25% Nd2O3 + Pr6O11 (MWGS1577).

  • The high grade REE discovery at KF3 occurs within Kingfisher's 54km Chalba target corridor and is 15km east of the Company's breakthrough Mick Well REE discoveries; the results continue to confirm additional high grade zones as exploration advances along the Chalba corridor.

  • Mapping at MW2 has extended the mineralised zone to a strike length of 2km. The MW2 mineralised zone is 300m wide and is comprised of multiple lodes; with results from the newly identified extensions to MW2 including:

- 30.83% TREO with 5.10% Nd2O3 + Pr6O11 (MWGS1491)

- 15.25% TREO with 2.49% Nd2O3 + Pr6O11 (MWGS1499) - 14.59% TREO with 2.44% Nd2O3 + Pr6O11 (MWGS1498)

- 10.12% TREO with 1.62% Nd2O3 + Pr6O11 (MWGS1490)

- 9.15% TREO with 1.50% Nd2O3 + Pr6O11 (MWGS1500)

New high grade rock chip assays from MW7 extend the strike length of the mineralisation by 500m to over 1.5km, with two new lodes identified at the prospect. New assays from MW7 include:

-14.60% TREO with 2.41% Nd2O3 + Pr6O11 (MWGS1443)

- 12.10% TREO with 2.04% Nd2O3 + Pr6O11 (MWGS1445)

- 11.68% TREO with 1.83% Nd2O3 + Pr6O11 (MWGS1587)

- 9.59% TREO with 1.62% Nd2O3 + Pr6O11 (MWGS1448)

The mineralisation at MW2, MW7 and KF3 remains open in every direction and is part of the rapidly growing list of discoveries across the Company’s extensive Gascoyne tenure that consists of a combined mineralised corridoralong the Chalba and Lockier shears of more than 80km.

  • The first results from the resent 37 hole, 4,200m drilling program at MW2 are imminent and will be announced by the Company as soon as they are received.

Kingfisher Mining Limited (ASX:KFM) (“Kingfisher” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has received new rock chip results from the high grade REE mineralisation discoveries at its 100% owned projects in the Gascoyne Mineral Field in Western Australia, further expanding the mineralisation strike at MW2 and MW7 and discovering further high grade mineralisation at the Kingfisher Prospect approximately 15km east of MW2.

Kingfisher’s Executive Director and CEO James Farrell commented: “We are excited toannounce another high grade REE discovery at the KF3 target at our Kingfisher Project.The discovery confirms the potential for additional high grade mineralisation discoveries as we advance along our 54km Chalba REE corridor east of Mick Well.

Our Mick Well discoveries are continuing to grow. So far a mineralisation strike length of 1.5km has been identified at MW7 and it is still open. First pass drilling is now planned for April this year, together with infill and extensional drilling at our first discovery, MW2.Our field work is set to recommence shortly and we are very excited to continue with the delineation and potential further discoveries as we work along our combined 80km target corridor on the Chalba and Locker shears.”


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