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We have been applying a return on investment approach to our brands for over 10 years. We specialise in Mining Companies and Mining Start-Ups. Get in touch for your perfect solution in brand identity, comprehensive/base level web development, digital marketing and investor/customer relations. 

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Without the right people behind the steering wheel of your brand, things can turn out a little topsy-turvy.





We were given a  great opportunity to work with Bellevue while they transition from an exploration company into development. With the Bellevue brand being such a respected entity, it was important for us to pay respect to the great reputation it has built over its lifecycle. Our research-based approach began with a workshop 6 months ago to get to the brand we are ecstatic to launch.

From these initial workshops, we learnt about Bellevue Gold's rich history, core values and management style. We worked with the corporate team with a symbolism focus to analyse the various aspects of the brand. The symbol of the gold bars act as the manifestation of the gold being extracted from the ground into the stage of mining development. The four bars represent the 4 core values of Bellevue Gold.


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