Visual Investor Relations


We have been applying a return on investment approach to our brands for over 10 years. Our consultancy firm specialises in IPO's, ASX Listed companies, Mining service and Mining Start-Ups. Every brand should be seen as an investment, invest in your brand and marketing to maintain investor engagement and ensure a targeted spend.

Here is what we do to assist in Investor Relations

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Without the right people behind the steering wheel of your brand, things can turn out a little topsy-turvy.





We had the opportunity in assisting Trek Metals with their rebrand earlier this year.  In collaboration with Investor Relations consultancy Read Corporate, we debuted the new brand at the Resources Rising Stars conference.

We began the collaboration on Trek Metals' identity rebrand in April of 2022. One of our main goals was to show company's participation in decarbonisation and electrification trends. We focused on highlighting the strategical importance of the location of the projects and the interest of the company in unlocking hidden value in largely under-explored regions.